Corporation Meeting Dates 2023/24

Governor Vacancies 

We are seeking committed and enthusiastic Governors to join our board. For further information on becoming a governor of New College Swindon, please contact Tracy Scaife, Head of Governance on 07484 527600 or email

Corporation and Committee Minutes

Year 2023/24

DateMeetingTime / Minutes
17th October 2023CorporationPDF

Year 2022/23

DateMeetingTime / Minutes
27th September 2022Resources, Integration & Change CommitteePDF
18th October 2022CorporationPDF
2nd November 2022Nomination, Remuneration & Governance CommitteePDF
8th November 2022Audit CommitteePDF
22nd November 2022Curriculum & Quality CommitteePDF
29th November 2022Resources, Integration & Change CommitteePDF
6th December 2022CorporationPDF
24th January 2023Resources, Integration & Change CommitteePDF
31st January 2023Nomination, Remuneration & Governance CommitteePDF
7th February 2023Audit CommitteePDF
28th February 2023Curriculum & Quality CommitteePDF
7th March 2023CorporationPDF
9th May 2023Resources, Integration & Change CommitteePDF
16th May 2023CorporationPDF
23rd May 2023Audit CommitteePDF
6th June 2023Nomination, Remuneration & Governance CommitteePending Ratification
13th June 2023Curriculum & Quality CommitteePending Ratification
20th June 2023Resources, Integration & Change CommitteePDF
4th July 2023CorporationPDF

Year 2021/22

DateMeetingTime / Minutes
28th September 2021Resources, Integration & Change CommitteePDF
5th October 2021Nomination, Remuneration & Governance CommitteePDF
19th October 2021CorporationPDF
30th November 2021Resources, Integration & Change CommitteePDF
7th December 2021CorporationPDF
25th January 2022Resources, Integration & Change CommitteePDF
8th February 2022Nomination, Remuneration & Governance CommitteePDF
28th February 2022Curriculum & Quality CommitteePDF
8th March 2022CorporationPDF
5th April 2022Resources, Integration & Change CommitteePDF
21st April 2022Audit CommitteePDF
10th May 2022CorporationPDF
20th June 2022Audit CommitteePDF
23rd June 2022Resources, Integration & Change CommitteePDF
29th June 2022Nomination, Remuneration & Governance CommitteePDF
21st June 2022Curriculum & Quality CommitteePDF
5th July 2022CorporationPDF

Year 2020/21

DateMeetingTime / Minutes
15th September 2020Curriculum & Quality CommitteePDF
21st September 2020Nomination, Remuneration & Governance CommitteePDF
29th September 2020Resources, Integration & Change CommitteePDF
6th October 2020Business Development, Employer Engagement & Recruitment CommitteePDF
12th October 2020Audit CommitteePDF
20th October 2020CorporationPDF
23rd November 2020Audit CommitteePDF
30th November 2020Resources, Integration & Change CommitteePDF
1st December 2020Curriculum & Quality CommitteePDF
8th December 2020CorporationPDF
19th January 2021Nomination, Remuneration & Governance CommitteePDF
26th January 2021Resources, Integration & Change CommitteePDF
22nd February 2021Curriculum & Quality CommitteePDF
23rd February 2021Audit CommitteePDF
9th March 2021CorporationPDF
27th April 2021Resources, Integration & Change CommitteePDF
4th May 2021Curriculum & Quality CommitteePDF
11 May 2021CorporationPDF
25th May 2021Audit CommitteePDF
8th June 2021Business Development, Employer Engagement & Recruitment CommitteePDF
22nd June 2021Nomination, Remuneration & Governance CommitteePDF
23rd June 2021Resources, Integration & Change CommitteePDF
6th July 2021CorporationPDF
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