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Friday 20th Sept is Global Climate Change strike day. Adults in some workplaces will be stopping work for 30 minutes to show their support for the action led by Extinction Rebellion and various student action groups.   However, New College Swindon staff have decided to back the cause in a way that causes zero disruption to teaching, but gives students the chance to show their support and have their voices heard.

New College will be engaging students through education across all curriculum areas.  A Level Pathway Leader for Earth and Environmental Science, Luke Sinnick, has suggested a whole range of ways that subject areas could incorporate discussions about the effects of climate change into lessons.  Students studying Product Design will be exploring the ways in which products can be designed to make them easily recyclable; those studying Geography will be finding out which regions of the world will be hit the hardest by climate change; Music students will be exploring how environmental messages could be incorporated into popular music and the Textiles area will be weighing up if the fashion industry could have a slower turnover of new products.

To mark the event, the College is also inviting all staff and students to join together at lunchtime to pose for a photograph.  Any staff member or student who is available and wishes to support the day is welcome to join in.

New College Principal, Carole Kitching said:

“Climate change is one of the greatest threats to the future of our young people and the series of strikes are representative of their feelings of disempowerment and not being heard by those in a position to make the policy changes that will make a difference. On Friday, New College is marking and supporting this movement by including an activity to promote the need to slow down climate change designed to be relevant to the specific subjects our students are studying. This is part of a significant commitment the College will be making to reduce our own carbon footprint. As an educational institution I believe we should be leading the way in supporting staff and students to tackle the biggest issue of our times.”