Twilight College Experience Queens Drive campus

Queens Drive campus sessions

Each session will last for one hour (please see below for available sessions). On the booking form, you should choose FIVE subjects. We will allocate TWO sessions and confirm your choices at the event. Unfortunately, we are not able to do this any earlier, as we timetable sessions very close to the time of the event.

Available sessions

Accounting, Finance and Economics. An introduction to these subjects.

Business Studies (A Level). An introduction to this subject.

Computer Science. An introduction to this subject.

Law. Law is part of everyday life. You have most likely entered into a legally binding agreement today (e.g. buying a bus ticket is a legal contract). This is a practical session exploring the different types of laws encountered in everyday life.

English Language & Literature. An exciting opportunity to explore the different ways of studying English at A-Level. Come and find out the difference between studying Language and Literature through a range of interactive activities.

Languages. An exciting opportunity to explore the different ways of studying Languages at A-Level and to see firsthand the impressive facilities that we have to offer. Whether your chosen language is French or Spanish, this session is for you!

Health & Social Care. Working in health and social care is an extremely rewarding career path, brought into focus during recent COVID experiences. Come and experience making sensory objects linked to mental wellbeing and mindfulness, to understand the breadth of support a health and social carer can provide to society.

Childcare & Early Years. The care and education of children is one of the most rewarding careers you can have. Learn how children develop, how to care for their physical and emotional well being to give them their best start in life. Learn how to work effectively with parents and the professional roles nurseries and schools contribute to overall development.

Textiles, Fashion, Interiors & Costume. A fun and experimental workshop where you will be exploring colour, pattern, and texture and learning about this fascinating creative area.

Maths. How can you tell?? An exploration of how mathematicians can use patterns to apply to simple and complicated questions such as” Is this person cheating?” or “What are the chances of winning on the National Lottery?” Bring a calculator if possible though you may not need it.

Art at New College. Do you have a flair for Art, Graphics or Illustration? In this taster session you will learn the art of collage using a range of materials. Includes Art, Graphic Design and Illustration.

Sciences (Biology, Chemistry & Physics). An insight into 'A level' sciences at New College where you will be able to have hands on practical experiences in a choice of your own discipline.

Ancient History/Classical Civilization. Looking at the ancient world through sources and literary texts. We will take a look at ancient Greece and ancient Rome. This taster session will allow you to see how classics are taught at A-Level.

Criminology. Explore some of the key themes and content of this popular new course. These include changing awareness of crime, criminological theories, crime scene to courtroom and crime and punishment.

Digital Music Production. Explore the fundamentals of drum programming using Logic Pro X, the basics of the recording studio and how to record a drum kit.

3D Product Design. An introduction to this subject.

Film & Media Studies. Analyse clips from popular television series studying the effect of narrative devices on the audience as well as how scenes can be constructed to create meaning and tension.

Geography. Practise some of the skills to make a successful A-Level Geography student! Themes from Human and Physical Geography include the water and carbon cycle, global systems and governance, and changing places.

Graphic Design & Illustration. Interested in contemporary graphic design, including advertising and packaging, typography, illustration and computer graphics? Try this taster!

History and Politics. Explore a variety of topics from our popular A-Level modern History, Ancient History and Government and Politics courses. These may include modern Britain, the making of the US as a superpower, ancient Greece and Rome.

Philosophy & Religious Studies. Explore some of the important themes and topics from Philosophy, Ethics and Christianity and gain a feel for how this subject is taught at A-Level. Topics include religion and ethics, meta ethics, epistemology and the concept, nature and existence of God.

Photography. View examples of students coursework and experience working in the darkroom as you explore chemistry to produce a Photogram to take home with you and have a tour of our amazing facilities including a demonstration in our dedicated Photography studio.

Psychology. Psychology is the scientific study of mind and behaviour. Find out more about the topics covered in the A-Level and carry out some mini experiments as this is one method used by psychologists to discover how the mind operates.

Public Services. Interested in finding out more about the wide range of careers in the Public sector? Test your knowledge of Public Services, enjoy a range of team working and leadership activities and see how the courses could be a great fit for you!

Sociology. One of the most popular A Level subjects! This session will get you thinking about the society you live in and explore topics such as Crime and Deviance, Theory and Methods and Beliefs.

Sport & Physical Education (Practical). Do you have a passion for Sport? Do you like participation, watching or understanding Sport? Participate in this practical session and find out more about what's on offer.