Twilight College Experience - North Star campus

North Star campus sessions

Each session will last for one hour and 45 minutes (please see below for available sessions). On the booking form, you should choose TWO subjects. We will allocate ONE session and confirm your choice at the event. Unfortunately, we are not able to do this any earlier, as we timetable sessions very close to the time of the event.

Available sessions

Animal Care. Explore the five animal welfare needs, build your own enrichment toy and experience an escape room-themed tour of the Animal Centre.

Beauty Therapy. An introduction to this subject and a chance to explore some nail techniques.

Bricklaying. A practical introduction to some basic brickwork skills. Use a bricklayer’s trowel to lay a course of clay bricks, guided by a string line to control height.

Business. An introduction to this subject.

Carpentry. Use basic woodworking tools to make a candle holder to take away.

Computing with ICT. Learn to create a basic webpage using HTML & CSS.

Construction & Built Environment Civil. Explore what goes into one of the important early steps of construction - surveying. Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear for outdoor work.

Creative Digital Media. Ever wondered what it takes to shoot scenes from a film? Decide on a shot list from a script, and in small groups, use industry-standard cameras and sound equipment to shoot a short scene in our film studio.

Electrical Installation. Learn how to wire a 3 pin plug. You should wear old clothing and suitable footwear

Engineering Electronics. Ever wondered how a touch-sensitive switch works? Identify and use circuit symbols to build a circuit, solder a simple circuit and construct your own touch-sensitive switch to take away with you. You must wear appropriate clothing and sturdy shoes - NOT trainers

Engineering Technologies. Make a bottle opener from scratch by marking out components using marking mediums and hand held scribers removing excess material using hacksaws following appropriate techniques. File additional material using cross and draw filing techniques. File radial profiles

Hairdressing. Practise putting hair up, braiding, and create an image using heated equipment and accessories.

Hospitality. Undertake a variety of tasking including making pizza, vegetable identification, and table setting

Media Make-Up. Ever wondered how they create fake wounds for TV and Film? Learn how to design and apply realistic casualty effects using professional makeup products and techniques.

Media Production (Film and TV production) Want to know how movies and TV shows are filmed? Learn about the equipment and software used to produce creative digital media and get hands on experience using Adobe Premier Pro editing studio.

Motor Vehicle. Length of welding wire basic set of instructions on what is not allowed during the task explain this is a fabrication exercise guide students where needed. Plus and overview of the course using C Touch screen. Old clothes recommended.

Plumbing. A practical session where you’ll learn about safety methods, cutting and measuring, bending, folding and pipe joining. You must wear appropriate clothing and sturdy shoes - NOT trainers

Travel & Tourism. Learn about the varied world of this industry, taking part in Cabin Crew demonstrations and learning about a variety of exciting global destinations.