Statement from New College on the Black Lives Matter movement

We stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. 

At New College we want to make sure we stand up and support all of our students and staff 100 per cent of the time and in order to do this, we have a lot of listening and learning to do. Our students, quite rightly, have been asking the College for a response and to state how we will support them; otherwise this becomes just empty, meaningless words. This is a time to step forward and ask ourselves uncomfortable questions, so that we can understand the best ways to support Black Lives Matter and fight racism in education and all aspects of society.

We will be working with student representatives and groups to plan what we can do going forward.  We will continue to embed equality and diversity across our teaching, but with increased vigour, and run specific tutorial sessions about the murder of George Floyd and other citizens across the USA and UK and the impact of the Black Lives Matters movement.  If you have any suggestions or thoughts to help us, please email - we want to listen, learn and understand.

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