Ten London Institute of Banking and Finance scholarships awarded to New College students

17 Oct 2020 Ellie Screen New College Financial academy student

At New College we aim to offer our students the best opportunities that will help them get into higher education or employment.

We have great links with multiple employers and education providers, including The London Institute of Banking & Finance. This year, 10 New College Financial Academy students achieved outstanding results in Level 3 qualifications and were awarded scholarships towards a LIBF degree programme.

Ellie Screen was one of the 10 students who was awarded a scholarships. She said: “It’s lovely to know that my hard work has been recognised and that I have been rewarded for it! I am really interested in the financial sector since taking up the subject last year, so I am currently looking at all the paths I can take to achieve a degree in finance. The scholarship has opened up another opportunity that I am really grateful for! Thank you to my amazing Finance Lecturers Zelda, Tracey and Scott, they have been truly great.”

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