New College Textiles Alumus, Grace Ingman, is a finalist in national Hand and Lock competition

15 Dec 2020

Former New College Textiles student, Grace Ingman, was a finalist in the national Hand and Lock competition this year. Grace said it had been a dream of hers long before she started university.

The project Grace worked on was called An Immortal Bloom. It’s a triplet of pieces which are embroidery fixed to acrylic boxes, which fit on differential parts of the body.

Grace said: “The idea sprouted from a personal realisation that many people have scars and in a world of social media, seemingly putting pressure on hiding even the tiniest marks and scars, I wanted to create something which puts beauty and vibrancy into exactly that. It’s a project which celebrates the shapes of multiple peoples scaring across the face for the piece pictured, the spine for another and the shoulders for the last.”

She went on to explain that all the flowers were collected from her grandpa’s garden in the summer before her final year of university It was a garden created for the final time by him, which lead to the title ‘An Immortal Bloom’, as his flowers will live on in these pieces, celebrating others as he did through his life.

Grace said: “Studying at the Royal School of needlework for university allowed for specialist training in all aspects of embroidery and so the pieces include techniques such as goldwork, stumpwork and silk shading, but using non-traditional materials to create those stitches. New College gave me both the confidence and skills to allow for the experience and successes that followed at university and beyond.”