New College students take part in simulated multi agency mass casualty event at MOD Lyneham

28 Mar 2022

New College students had the opportunity to be part of a simulated multi-agency emergency at the MOD base in Lyneham. New College is no stranger to multi-agency simulations, having held a few of our own on our campuses. This opportunity, however, saw students taking on the role of the casualties after a ‘terror’ attack on a vaccine centre, rather than the responders. Students were handed their casualty brief – a document that outlined their fictional medical history, listed their fictional (hopefully) symptoms and various other information the responding emergency agencies were expected to either collect, examine, and respond to.

Students were in a smoke-filled building with smoke billowing out of doors and windows, creating a low visibility environment for rescuers to navigate. Firefighters put on their breathing apparatus and safety gear and entered the building to begin the rescue. Once our students had been saved, they were triaged according to their designated fictional injuries and received treatment from the awaiting responders.

New College’s Public Services Lecturer Jamie Rice said

"We are delighted to work with Dorset and Wiltshire Fire Service on days like today and our upcoming behind the scenes day. These give our students a brilliant insight into life within the fire service."

Further adding,

‘The students who attended are looking to join these sorts of careers and are excited to be part of this opportunity. They were able to experience and get a good idea of what it is like to be involved in this sort of situation.’

Though much of the simulation took place indoors, there were police drones present to survey the scene acting as reconnaissance, making use of high-quality cameras similar to the ones used by the military on combat aircraft.

After the ‘fire’ had been fought and civilian casualties rescued, phase two of the simulation began. The fictional incendiary device used in the attack had released a ‘white powder,’ meaning that responding paramedics and firefighters then had to combat chemical contamination of the casualties.

We always welcome the opportunity for our students to be part of the working world, gaining experience with the leaders and innovators of any given industry. This simulation gave students access to the current best practice amongst public service sector professionals.

You can listen to the coverage of the event on Ben Prater's morning show (28.03.22) on BBC sounds HERE at the 52-minute mark.

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