New College kicks off its own sustainability pledge with Sustainability Week

22 Nov 2021

Sustainability Week has come to an end (8-12 November), but this is only the start of New College's ongoing commitments to sustainability and doing our part as a local education provider to reduce CO2 emissions. Sustainability Week saw fantastic displays and activities across both our campuses, with departments across the College sharing their eco-inspired designs, solutions, and pledges. Whether upcycling, repairing, or innovating, or making individual pledges, the students and staff of New College embodied the spirit of sustainability to lower CO2 emissions and combat climate change.

New College also welcomed guests throughout the week including Tony Stapels, the Mobile Cycle Medic, who opened a free bike clinic for students and staff. We also welcomed Westmill Solar farm, which demonstrated the power of community-led change and highlighted the future of engineering in the creation of green energy solutions. Further cementing technology's prominent place in the change towards green energy we welcomed the commercial director of Sinewave, Ashely Hutchingson, who talked with students about the company's work with electrical vehicle (EV) charging and solar power. The College also held fundraising for Oak and Furrows, the wildlife rescue service with a house plant sale.

New College knows sustainability is not just a weeklong commitment and inspired by the activities of sustainability week the College will upgrade its lighting to LED at the Queens Drive campus saving the College £400,000 over the next 10 years and will save as much CO2 in that time as 170,000 car miles every year. We will also be completing a detailed survey of our heating across both campuses, due to be completed in 2022, which will give us a thorough plan for how to tackle one of the biggest challenges to reaching Net-Zero.

By the end of Sustainability Week, both campuses saw the growth of the tree of pledges in which students could place their own leaf-shaped commitments to shrinking their carbon footprint.

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