Fine Arts students collaborate with the Army Reserve Centre Museum

03 Mar 2022

In November 2021, New College was contacted by Sergeant M Denman to enquire if our Arts students would be interested in working with the many items held at the Museum based in the Army Reserve Centre.

After organizing a visit for December 2021, the learners visited the Museum and gathered primary imagery to be used for potential source material for printmaking techniques. This successful collaboration resulted in the production of some fantastic images.

Russell Maggs, Course Leader said:

"Our Fine Art learners had a great experience working with the Army Reserve Centre and they learnt about its fascinating history and its historic connections to the town. The centre held an amazing and varied set of artefacts, and each learner was able to choose which ones they wanted to depict. The learners were later introduced to several printmaking techniques that the College can offer them such as screen printing and drypoint.

I am really pleased with how varied each print turned out and, in the future, the Fine Art learners will be able to use these techniques further in their coursework units."