Creative competition winner receives laptop

17 Nov 2020 Connor Eagles

The winners have been drawn for the college’s creative competition to win a laptop.

Students from local secondary schools were invited to participate in the competition, focussing on skills which related to their chosen course. This varied from using creative skills to design posters, designing garden features for students joining the Plumbing courses, or coming up with Media Make-up designs. Giving students a free rein to incorporate whatever they felt worked with their entry.

After looking through many fantastic submissions, the judges managed to whittle it down to one winner and two runners up. The winner received a Laptop and runner up students received online shopping vouchers.

The winning design was submitted by Connor Eagles, who is now studying Creative Digital Media at New College Swindon.

Connor designed a superhero called John Smith, who is a Junior Doctor that believes it is his duty to help fight against a deadly virus that has swept across the world. Unselfishly Dr. Smith injects himself with a vaccine that hadn’t been tested yet and a week later he awoke with incredible strength and superhuman abilities which he uses to protect humanity from Covid-19. The doctor does this whilst sporting a white and blue super suit with the NHS emblem situated on his chest, accompanying his outfit is a sterile shield to fend off the virus.

Connor said:

“I can’t believe I have won a laptop, I’m so happy and grateful that the college gave me this opportunity and now I’m studying a course here that includes design. When creating my superhero, I knew that it had to be a doctor and he had to wear the white and blue colours that are associated with the NHS - that was important to me.”

Presenting the students with their prizes was Adam Fahey, who is the Deputy Principal of Curriculum and Quality at the college. Adam said:

“It’s always a pleasure to celebrate talent and this has been shown in an abundance for this competition whether that be different styles or concepts, you can see a lot of imagination has gone into their work. I was very impressed with the entries submitted by the winner and the two runners-up. The winning entry you could see being used in a campaign right now to promote the safety measures and all things COVID-19.”

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