New College Swindon Takes Part in Fundraising for Children In Need

19 Nov 2021
As a part of their activity for Children In Need (Friday 19th November), various subject lecturers, students and business support departments at New College Swindon have organised events and initiatives throughout the week to raise awareness and encourage donations to the charity.

Both campuses have been involved with the fundraising activities. There is a stand with Children in Need wrist bands, information and donation boxes on display in the foyer at Queens Drive and the Avenue at North Star.

The childcare classes from T-level and Level 3 BTEC engaged in a dance and karaoke, as part of their fundraising effort. Dressed in pyjamas, with Children In Need inspired face paint, Pudsey ears and disco lights, it was a great event with lots of fun had by all!

To add a touch of sparkle to this year’s fundraising and provide some light relief to an otherwise difficult year, the enrichment Coordinator at the college suggested staff and students wear their best ‘glitz and glam’ clothing to college on Friday 19th and make a donation to Children In Need. Fashion and Textiles students helped with the initiative and encouraged people to get involved by creating a fabulous ‘strictly’ worthy clothing display, to accompany the Children In Need display in the foyer.

Joanna Saunders, Enrichment Co-ordinator at New College’s Queens Drive Campus said:

“After 18 months of lockdowns, staying in and remote learning, we thought it was time to bring a bit of glitz and glamour to College. This year in support of Children in Need, New College staff and students are taking by part in fundraising with a twist... rather than a dress 'down' day... we’re having a dress 'up' day! We know it has been a challenging year and appreciate that people may wish to support charities in different ways, however if you do wish to make a donation it will be greatly received... no matter how big or small. Every little most certainly does help! To avoid handling any cash, we will not be collecting any physical money at College this year; however we have set up a College fundraising page. You can use this link to make a voluntary donation directly to Children in Need if you wish and any donations you make can be done anonymously too. By doing this together, we can support children and young people across the UK to rebuild their lives.”

New College’s Just Giving page for Children in Need: