Art student wins regional heat to qualify for ARTiculation Grand Final

26 Feb 2021

New College Swindon student ‘wows’ judges with her performance to qualify for the national Grand Final of a prestigious competition.

A Level Art and Design student, Saffron Hamilton-Gill, competed in this year’s online Articulation prize event where she impressed the adjudicators with her presentation on visual Artist Félix González-Torres.

The ARTiculation Prize, partnered with the University of Cambridge, is the Roche Court Educational Trust’s annual national arts public speaking competition for young people aged between 16 and 19. It’s an inspiring and exciting way to showcase how the visual arts can be interpreted and shared with a wide audience.

Saffron who beat off competition from hundreds of contestants in her regional heat to qualify for the Grand Final said:

“I cannot believe that this has happened to me, I’m very happy to have qualified but it certainly wasn’t expected. I had hoped for a win more than I liked to admit, but I have always understood the decisions of personal choice; especially when competing to such high standards.

“Leading up to my presentation I was very nervous and even during my performance, but I have always had stage fright. I think more than anything I feel proud of this achievement.”

The Grand Final will be hosted online by The National Gallery on March 18 and will take place between 1pm – 4pm.

Saffron added: “From this experience I’ve learned that it is terrifying to be so outside my comfort zone but the results, even if I wasn’t successful, override any doubts I had. As much as it would be an absolute dream to win, to get this far is unreal and I just really want to do myself proud and be the best I can be.”

Professor Craig Clunas, who was one of the adjudicators, praised Saffron for a really passionate and committed presentation, and for some of the lovely phrases she had included, adding that he would be going away to ponder on these! He thanked Saffron for adding new insights to the work and for a balanced presentation between the word and its wider context of the artist’s biography and the AIDS crisis.