Freshen up your workforce and raise the profile of your industry when you work with us to provide a Traineeship for a young person looking to start their career.

We are looking to help you, as a local employer, with your recruitment needs. Tell us what you are looking for, and what skill sets your new employee will be expected to have, and we will match you with a young person from our programme.

Traineeships are unpaid work experience, although you may decide to support the Trainee with travel or lunch . You will need to provide between 70 and 240 hours of work experience over a period of between 6 weeks and one year and be able to offer the young person a formal interview at the end of their placement. If the trainee is a good fit for your business , you might decide to employ the young person or offer them an apprenticeship at the end of the traineeship. This can provide you with a new, experienced employee, who you have already had the opportunity to check is right for your business. More information is available on the Find schemes for your business government website.

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