GCSE Spanish Level 2

Full Time

About the course

During the course you will listen to people speaking Spanish, learn to speak it yourself, read what others have written and put your own thoughts and ideas on paper, as well as translating from and into Spanish.

By the end of the course, you should be able to hold a conversation and communicate in writing on a range of topics in Spanish.

Course content includes:

  • Identity and Culture

  • Local, National, International & Global areas of interest

  • Local area and environmental issues

  • Current & future study & employment

Each topic will include listening, speaking, reading and writing activities. You will be encouraged to work both within groups and on your own, and you will be expected to spend time practising and revising outside classes.

Entry requirements

It will be useful if you have done some Spanish before, or if you have learnt, or already speak, another language.

Where next?

Speaking another language shows that you have good communication skills and may open up career opportunities in many areas of employment, both in this country and abroad. Travel and holidays can be more enjoyable if you can make yourself understood and can understand what is going on around you.

It is possible to progress to the A Level course. Many universities also offer languages opportunities with other degree courses, especially in travel and tourism, hospitality, business and engineering courses.

Work experience and employability

This course does not contain a specific work experience component, but has other activities to help you develop employability skills. If you would like to undertake a work placement alongside your studies our Employability team can help.

What additional resources will I need?

You will be expected to supply your own stationery and you may want to purchase a textbook. You may also be asked to contribute to any courses and visits in which you take part.

Fees information

This course is free to students aged 16-18.

Students aged 19+ will usually be charged a tuition fee, unless they meet certain eligibility criteria for fee remission. For those paying, an Advanced Learner Loan may be available. For further advice on fees, waivers and loans, please contact the Fees Co-Ordinator at Queens Drive.


For queries about the course, please contact the course leader: Carol.barreto@newcollege.ac.uk

For general enquiries, please contact: enrolment@newcollege.ac.uk