GCSE Sociology Level 2

Full Time

About the course

Sociology is the study of human society and social groups. It aims to increase our understanding of the social world by looking at how social institutions and structures such as families, the education system, the criminal justice system and the media can have an effect on our individual behaviour.

Sociologists are interested in exploring social processes, such as socialisation and social control. By doing so, we can understand how our society works and different social issues, such as inequality, racism or rising crime rates.

This course is divided into units, including: Studying Society; Education; Social Stratification; Families and Crime and Deviance.

Entry requirements

A GCSE at grade 3/D or above in GCSE English Language. No previous knowledge of Sociology is required, but a keen interest in understanding society and social issues is desired.

Where next?

Sociology helps you develop a wide range of skills that are applicable to all areas of employment and further study at College and university. This subject can lead to many careers including teaching, journalism, social work, health care, law, the police, advertising, marketing and local government.

Work experience and employability

This course does not contain a specific work experience component, but has other activities to help you develop employability skills. If you would like to undertake a work placement alongside your studies our Employability Team can help.

What additional resources will I need?

You will be expected to supply your own stationery and you may want to purchase a textbook. You may also be asked to contribute to any courses and visits in which you take part.

Fees information

This course is free to students aged 16-18.

Students aged 19+ will usually be charged a tuition fee, unless they meet certain eligibility criteria for fee remission. For further advice on fees, waivers and loans, please contact the Fees Co-Ordinator at Queens Drive.


If you would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing enrolment@newcollege.ac.uk.

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