Planning and Allocating Work

Online/Distance Learning

Planning and Allocating Work

Length: 4 hours

Campus: Distance Learning

About the course

Interested in studying one of our management development courses? This short, auto-marked programme will build your knowledge of the core skills needed to plan projects and to monitor and manage performance.

Section 1: Project planning and performance monitoring

In this section, you will learn about setting SMART objectives for your team to achieve its targets, action planning and how to monitor a planned activity.

Section 2: Allocating work

This section covers how to identify the resources that are needed to complete a planned activity and how to assess and support team performance in achieving objectives.

Section 3: Managing team performance

You will learn how to identify possible causes of variance and actions to overcome them, as well as how to identify ways to improve performance to meet objectives.

Section 4: Managing underperformance

This section covers the potential areas of underperformance in the workplace and its causes, along with actions to restore performance to acceptable levels.

Auto-enrolment with an immediate start

Fully online

Study from anywhere, at any time

Perfect for an introduction to a subject or a subject refresher

Great addition to your CV

Receive an e-certificate upon completion

Nationally recognised

Official CPD certified course

Entry requirements

  • You must have a minimum of Level 1 Literacy

  • You must have access to a PC/Laptop/Tablet and WIFI

Where next?

  • You could complete one of our other CPD Programmes

  • Progression to a qualification course – please ask for details.


The courses are ideal if you are seeking promotion or a change of role/employer. Also ideal if you would like to upskill and wish to demonstrate continuing professional development.

  • Maintains and enhances your knowledge and skills

  • You will stay ahead of the trend in work related issues

  • Improves your effectiveness in your workplace.

  • Demonstrates your continue interest in your profession.

  • Your understanding of the implications of your work increases


What additional resources will I need?

No additional resources are required.

Fees information

  • £29

  • If you would like to complete more than one course, you may be interested in purchasing a licence for £100. You will can then complete multiple courses at no extra cost.

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