Maths GCSE

Part Time

About the course

The key areas assessed in GCSE maths will give you:
A sound understanding of key mathematical concepts
Fluency to reason through problem solving
Competency to apply mathematical skills in a range of contexts.
Foundation level maths is examined at Grades 1-5, Higher level is examined at Grades 4-9.

There are six areas of study:
  • Number
  • Algebra
  • Ratio, proportion, rates of change
  • Geometry
  • Probability
  • Statistics

Entry requirements

You will be required to complete a brief initial assessment to confirm that GCSE Maths is the appropriate course for you at this time. If the initial assessment and diagnostic tests show that you should do a prior qualification before moving onto the GCSE, we can offer you enrolment onto a preliminary Functional skills course.

Where next?

GCSE Maths provides a solid foundation for further academic and vocational study and employment. All employers and colleges recognise the importance of being able to perform numerical calculations and show confidence in performing various mathematical tasks. GCSE Maths provides evidence of these skills.

Work experience and employability


What additional resources will I need?

You will need a textbook (available through the college for about £10) and a scientific calculator. We recommend that you use a Casio fx-85GT PLUS.

Fees information

If you do not have a Grade C in GCSE or iGCSE Maths, the course will be FREE subject to meeting Government funding criteria and completion of a waiver form.


For queries about the course, please contact the course leader: