A Level Mathematics

Full Time

About the course

This A Level is included as either a CORE or a RECOMMENDED subject in one of our 14 suggested A Level pathways. You can find out more about these in our Prospectus or A Level guide. However, if timetabling allows for it, you can undertake any combination of three A Levels.

“The study of Mathematics, like the Nile, begins with minuteness but ends in magnificence.” Charles Caleb Colton.

Our objective is to help you start this journey. We deliver lessons that are engaging, supporting, and challenging and which emphasise students’ abilities to work independently and collaboratively with each other.

The A-level maths course expands on topics that have already been met in GCSE such as surds, trigonometry, and equations of a straight line, and then introduces new topics such as calculus, exponentials, logs, sequences and series. All new topics presented are explained from the underlying axiomatic principles, so students fully understand the concepts.

All lesson material is available electronically enabling students to have access at any time and from any place. This is done using One Note to record all lecture notes, and for uploading and subsequent marking of student work. This allows all students to have a digital folder of all their important work.

Lectures are recorded to aid revision and catch-up.

There is extensive material available online from the college’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), the MEI Integral maths web site and the Cambridge Elevate online textbooks.

Additional classes for support and extension

Student led support classes are run several times a week.

Students can contact lecturers through Teams at any time for help.

Mind Stretching maths classes are run to explore maths beyond the A-level syllabus.

STEP support classes are provided.

Teaching time

You will study for 4.5 hours per week in your first year and 5 hours per week in your second. You should plan on spending an equivalent time on homework and private study, making full use of the extensive resources available to you.

Mock exams are held during the first year (In Feb/March), but do not count towards the final A Level. Exams for the whole A level are held in May or June of the second year.

Entry requirements

Five GCSEs at a grade 4/C or above, including 6/B in Maths.

The most important requirement is enthusiasm and the willingness to challenge yourself by thinking logically using the basic underlying mathematical skills you will have learnt in your early years.

Where next?

Maths is one of the most highly valued A-levels you can get and it supports entry into a wide range of university courses and higher apprenticeships that lead to exciting and interesting careers.

A-Level maths is a required for all the following degree courses:

  • Maths based degrees,

  • Computing science.

  • Engineering degrees

  • Physics

  • Economics

Work experience and employability

This course does not contain a specific work experience component but inherently has activities that are essential to employability skills. Our Employability Team can help you find local work placements that will support the course if needed.

What additional resources will I need?

You will need your own stationary and a calculator. You are expected to have a Casio fx-991EX Classwiz calculator. The exam questions are written on the assumption that you have one of these and are able to make full use of its functionality.

Fees information

This course is free to students aged 16-18.

Students aged 19+ will usually be charged a tuition fee, unless they meet certain eligibility criteria for fee remission. For those paying, an Advanced Learner Loan may be available. For further advice on fees, waivers and loans, please contact the Fees Co-Ordinator at Queens Drive.


For general enquiries, please contact: enrolment@newcollege.ac.uk