Education & Training Level 5 Diploma

Part Time


This course is aimed for students aged 19 and over, who are in teaching roles (or can get teaching hours).  It supports the development and acquisition of the skills, knowledge and practice required of the full teacher role. There are 360 contact hours (directed study time) and 840 non contact hours (self directed study) which includes 100 hours of teaching practice, observation of practice over a minimum of eight occasions, which must meet the required standard, set by Ofsted.


The programme

This course is over two academic years running from September 2018 to June 2020.  This is a 120 credit course and is run on a part time basis, with attendance on a Wednesday evening.   75 credits must be achieved from the mandatory units (M) and a minimum of 45 credits from optional units.  You must be employed or working as a volunteer and have responsibility for the teaching and delivery in order to meet the requirements.  There is no requirement to complete a lower level in order to access this qualification, just a requirement to be teaching and relevantly qualified/competent in your subject area.  You cannot achieve either year without evidence of teaching practice and observations of practice.


Throughout the qualification there is a need to demonstrate your competency against the Professional Standards for Teachers and Trainers as well as the knowledge and understanding of the Minimum Core specification in literacy, numeracy, language and ICT as it relates to your own specialist area and a requirement to continually reflect on your practice.  Progression from the DET can include Qualified Teaching & Learning Status (QTLS) or a PGCE.


The programme is suitable for those who:

  • want the opportunity to explore underpinning theories, frameworks and research into effective teaching and learning alongside developing practical teaching skills;
  • are currently teaching and want to have their experience and practice accredited;
  • are not currently teaching but can meet the minimum teaching practice requirement of 100 hours;
  • are able to undertake a large qualification, lasting one to two years;
  • have the potential to study at this level, which has the same level of demand as that of a degree course;
  • want a wide choice of optional units to reflect the context in which they teach;
  • want a qualification recognised as equivalent to the Certificate of Education qualifications;
  • are willing to undertake an initial assessment of their skills in English, mathematics and ICT, record their development needs and follow an action plan to address them where necessary.
  • can evidence Level 3 skills in English or mathematics if they are taking any of the specialist units in teaching English (literacy and/or ESOL) or mathematics (numeracy).


Year one

Teaching, learning and assessment in education and training (M)

Includes understanding the role and responsibilities of a teacher in education, agreeing individual learning goals, planning, delivering and assessing inclusive teaching and learning.  You need to create and maintain an inclusive learning environment and evaluate your own practice.

Developing teaching, learning and assessment in education and training (M)

Includes investigating practice in own area of specialism, applying theories, principles and models of learning, communication and assessment in relation to planning, delivering and assessing inclusive teaching and learning

Theories, principles and models in education and training (M)

Includes the applications of theories and models of curriculum development within own area of specialism. The application of theories and models of reflection and evaluation, teaching and assessment. (Theory Unit).

Wider professional practice and development in education and training (M)

Within this unit you will need to show that you understand the professionalism and professional values in education and training, the policy context of education and training, the impact of being accountable to stakeholders and external bodies, and the organisational context of education and training. 


Year two

A minimum of 3 optional units (45 credits)


Optional units

You will choose from a range of optional units we recommend that everyone completes and action research optional unit and teaching in your own area of specialism.  This leaves you with 15 credits to choose something that is specific to your teaching.    There is wide range of units available and these do vary in size so need to be looked at carefully to ensure 15 credits are met and include:


  • Inclusive Practice
  • Delivering employability skills
  • Equality & diversity
  • Working with the 14-16 Age Range in the Learning Environment
  • Develop and prepare resources  
  • Literacy theories and frameworks
  • Numeracy knowledge and understanding
  • Literacy and ESOL and the learners
  • Managing behaviours in a learning environment


All units have a written assignment within them of approximately 2000 words/unit, some will have a portfolio of evidence and potentially additional observations.    The portfolio should reflect your development as a teacher over the period of the qualification.


Entry Requirement

A minimum Level 3 subject specialist qualification (A Level or equivalent working experience) and also a Level 2 qualification in Maths and English (GCSE A-C or equivalent) and ICT literate are also required.

Teaching at least 100 hours and be preparing and delivering the sessions over an 18 month to 2-year period.

Note:  Enrolment is subject to interview and suitable initial assessments


Other Information (All delivery is at New College – Queens Drive)

Enquiries for further advice and guidance, please contact Jackie Oldham (01793) 732895 ext. 1212   Course Tutor/Contact: Jackie Oldham (