Information for adult learners

From September we are planning for our full range of adult courses to be available, and we are really looking forward to welcoming you back. We’ve been making sure that we can continue to offer the high quality of teaching and learning you’ve come to expect from us, whilst taking all possible measures to keep you safe and reassured.

We will be following guidance issued by the Government specifically for Adult and Community Learning courses to ensure we maintain appropriate distancing, and alongside a wider range of safety measures, will be adapting the layout of our rooms accordingly. Alongside this, we have made adjustments to the communal facilities to keep all of our learners safe.

For most adult courses the group sizes are small enough to enable us to provide face to face sessions following the usual timetable for the course. Where there is a need to adapt the format of the course (which may include some parts being delivered by online learning), we will highlight this at the point of enrolment and ensure that you are comfortable with the study methods.

For some courses there may be several options for how you study, allowing you the flexibility to choose an approach that suits you best.

Over the last few months we have adapted extremely well to continuing to support adults studying remotely, and the vast majority of courses have been able to continue despite the national lockdown.

If there is a need to respond to a change in Government guidance after the course has started, we’ll ensure that you are fully supported to finish and achieve your course. In the unlikely event that this is not possible, we will ensure that you have the option of an appropriate refund or the option to continue study at the next opportunity.