Tour of Queens Drive Campus

Please note that we will no longer be running tours during the period of lockdown between 5th November and 3rd December 2020 inclusive. We will continue to take bookings for dates beyond this period for the time being.


Please find below the tour route that you will follow on your physical tour, with some key bullets about what you will see; please feel free to print this out or view on your phone as you are taken round.

Learning Resource Centre (Library)

  • Has fiction, non-fiction and coursework books
  • You can borrow laptops, chargers, scientific calculators etc and buy stationery here
  • There is a spiral staircase to the rear, leading to an area for private study.

Phoenix Theatre

  • Audience capacity of 250; seats can be moved back to create more floor space
  • Used for student productions, rehearsals and lessons
  • Also used for external productions such as pantomimes and guest speakers.

MAPA corridor (Music And Performing Arts)

  • Soundproofed recording studio on your left and Digital Music production classrooms fully equipped with MACs.
  • Changing rooms for the theatre on your right
  • Two sprung floor dance studios with full room length mirrors
  • On the main corridor: Art & Design, Product Design, Textiles, Media MakeUp and Photography rooms. We have a fully functioning dark room and studio.

Sports Hall

  • Access is via student ID card
  • Includes Gym (left hand side) and a Sports Hall on the right. There are Gym subscriptions for students
  • We have academies for Basketball, Football and Netball.

Wellbeing Corridor

  • These rooms are on your left; they are for students who may be experiencing mental health difficulties or have particular needs. We have mentors who will work with the students
  • Counsellors rooms on right. They offer drop in sessions or are bookable through Student Services. Maths and English Hub (on right) - for students requiring help with GCSE English/Maths
  • Nurses Room. There will be a notice on the door to show when they are in
  • Enrichment Centre (left). At present it is only for planned events that can be COVID safe, however, in normal circumstances, it’s a social area for students to relax.

Student Services (back of Restaurant)

  • Get help with bus timetables, bursaries and references. You can also book appointment with the Counsellors
  • ALS (additional Learning support) department. Students will be referred there for any additional learning support they may need. There is also a room for any ASD students.


  • Seating capacity of several hundred but is currently laid out for COVID safety.
  • Shop, 4 food outlets and a rear patio for use in good weather. Own food can be brought in
  • Also used to for student fairs, open events.

First floor Corridor: Student Resource Centre

  • Classrooms either side are generally representative of others across the campus
  • All rooms are equipped with cleaning materials for the students to use
  • Learning Resource Centre first floor (on right). Students use the PCs to do course work and there is an area for quiet study
  • Science and STEM rooms are on the second floor and include fully equipped labs.

Q&A session in classroom

  • Please feel free to ask any questions you may have about what you have just seen or about the applications/enrolment journey