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I contacted New College for our first apprentice and they helped me find a suitable candidate and managed the whole process, guiding me on what to do and when to do it. It has been a really great end-to-end and simple experience. The team are always at the end of the phone and happy to help navigate anything I need as a director to ensure that our placement is successful!

- Marie Harte | Director at Harte Developments Ltd

Apprentices are vital to our business, training someone for 4 years gives us the opportunity to get the right people for us, not only do they learn a trade and get a qualification but they learn our way of doing things and the importance of why we have such high expectations and the benefits to both us as a company and our customers.

94% of the apprentices we take have remained in our employment after qualifying and the majority of these now have their own apprentices so are able to impart not only their plumbing knowledge but an understanding of completing an apprenticeship and how it works.

- Steph Forster | Renelec

At Batten & Allen apprentices are an integral part of our business with schemes running across all business departments. We pride ourselves nurturing young talent through apprenticeships, helping to create an engaged and supportive environment, as well as sustained future growth. In fact, current and ex-apprentices make up to 20% of Batten & Allen’s workforce from entry level all the way up to the Board of Directors.

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