Adult Education Centre - English, Maths and ICT

Based in the centre of Swindon at Focalpoint, on the corner of Fleet Street & Fleming way, we are a 2 minute walk from the main Swindon bus and train stations and we offer adult learning courses for those aged 19 and over.

We offer a range of courses that run both daytime and evenings throughout the week. Our courses are delivered in small groups and in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Many of our courses are flexible learning, which means you can come to the AEC and study anytime within our opening hours that suits you.

On top of key skills such as Maths, English and ICT we also offer a great choice of employability and Community Learning courses with a weekly Job Club that is open to all.


Free* Functional Skills in English are recognised qualifications that provide learners with useful and transferable skills that will help them gain or progress in employment. Build your confidence and work on your speaking, listening and reading and writing skills in a friendly and supportive environment. Progress onto our free* GCSE course.

*Eligibility criteria applies

Aside from Functional Skills Qualifications, other shorter accredited and non-accredited English and Maths courses are also available.


Build your confidence in Maths with a free* Functional Skills course offering flexible start dates. You will work on all aspects of Maths in a friendly and supportive environment. Functional skills are recognised qualifications that provide learners with useful and transferable skills that will help them gain or progress in employment and progress onto our free* GCSE course.

*Eligibility criteria applies

IT Courses

Essential Digital Skills (EDSQ) - Entry Level 3 & Level 1

These essential qualifications provide the digital skills adults need to safely benefit from, participate in and contribute to the digital world. Studies are made up of five sections communicating, transacting, problem solving, handling information and content, being safe and legal online.

Workplace Word Level 1/2

Level 1 - Using text learn how to create, edit & format word processing documents including letters & posters using pictures & tables.

Level 2 - Learn to use tabs, advances indentation & mail merge. Switch between documents, insert/ edit tables. Use styles to create professional documents. Use drawing tool, insert/ edit pictures & charts. Create hyperlinks.

Workplace Excel Level 1/2

Level 1 - Learn how to create, edit & format and excel spreadsheet using formulas & creating charts from numerical data.

Level 2 - Learn to edit & format spreadsheets using formulas/ functions & relative & absolute addressing. Switch between workbooks & copy & paste data. Create/. edit & format charts from numerical data.

Workplace Powerpoint Level 1/2

Level 1 - Using slides learn how to create, edit & format a Powerpoint presentation using images, charts, animation & sound.

Level 2 - Change slide layouts, use indents & hyperlinks. Create/ modify charts. Insert tables, rotate/ arrange/ group objects. Set up a slide show using transitions. Use different views, themes and master slide.

Workplace Access Database - Level 1/2

Level 1 - Create, format & edit a database to store information using queries to find information, forms & reports.

Level 2 - Learn about table relationships applying referential integrity. Use wildcards and/ or in queries to find information. Sort 7 filter records. Design/ modify forms & reports.

ICDL Award & Certificate in IT User Skills (Improvers)

This level 2 Award/Certificate is designed for students who are progressing from the level 1 Award or Certificate in IT Users Skills or those looking to demonstrate their knowledge of office applications.

ICDL Certificate in IT User Skills (Advanced)

This Level 3 Advanced ICDL qualification covers the following units: Work Processing software, Spreadsheet software, Presentation Software, Database software and Improving Productivity using IT. Available as single units at a cost of £300 each (not offered under Lifetime Skills or Loan).

Short Courses

Basic Computer Course

Struggle with computers and the internet? Covers the basics: using email, internet searches, and word processing. Suitable for complete beginners.

Website Building for Beginners

Covers the basics of how to create and build your own website. Looking at areas such as web design, coding, and uploading amongst other things.

Learning to Use Your Smartphone

Is your smartphone confusing you? Are you unsure how to make use of its many features? This course will help you understand your phone, troubleshoot problems and use some of its most popular features and apps.

Confidence and Motivation

Want to feel and look confident, think positively and be in control out of your comfort zone? Want to get people to listen to you? This confidence course will show you how.


This workshop will inspire you to create and make exciting items such as bags, jewellery, ornaments etc using only recycled and second-hand materials.

Manicure for Beginners

Would you like to learn the basic techniques involved with manicure and nail design? Covers areas such as filing, shaping, polishing etc.

Basic Indian Head Massage

Learn the basic techniques of this relaxing treatment and how to safely perform a head massage to help relieve stress and pressure of everyday life.

Healthy Lifestyle Course

This course looks at ideas and techniques for those who would like to make positive changes to their health and well-being. This course will cover topics such as stress awareness, positive mindsets, healthy eating, exercise and general well-being.

Interviews Skills Clinic

This course will show you how to be more authentic, confident and succinct in interviews, putting your best foot forward verbally and non-verbally so that you get the job offers you deserve.

Reflexology for Beginners

This course will take you through the very basics of Reflexology a treatment that is linked to many health benefits. This course will show you various techniques used within this treatment.

Beginners Massage Workshop

This workshop will take you through the very basics of a range of different massage techniques and styles. This course is for complete beginners and delivered in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere by our experienced tutor. Attendees must be able to attend both days to take part.

Holistic Therapy Workshop

This 2 day workshop will cover a number of different Holistic treatments giving you the opportunity to try these out for yourselves. Treatments included are: Hopi Ear Candle, Bamboo Sticks & Hot Stone Massage, Seated Acupressure Massage and more.

Thai Compress Massage for Beginners

This course covers the basics of this unique treatment that uses warmed compresses filled with dried plants, roots and leaves. This treatment is known to help treat a wide variety of physical conditions such as back or joint pain, as well as mental issues such as anxiety and fatigue.

Beginners Beauty Therapy Course

This course will give you an overview of a number of different beauty treatments, giving you the opportunity to try these out for yourself and learn new skills.

Beginners Facial Skincare

This course will show you the full range of facial treatments processes to improve your appearance and condition of your skin.

Drawing for Beginners

Want to learn how to draw but don't know where to start? This 2 day course will take you through the very basics of drawing showing you techniques and styles you can use to express yourself and draw with confidence.

CSCS Green Labourers Card Course

This courses give you everything you need to get your CSCS Green Labourers Card What you get:

  • CSCS Green Card (Valid for 5 years, allowing you to work on any UK construction site)
  • Level 1 Health & Safety In a Construction Environment
  • Level 1 In Employability Skills
  • Full tuition costs, study material and exam fees.

Courses run on a monthly basis and in a number of different locations please contact us for further details.

Employability Courses

Office Administration Course

This course will help you to gain the mandatory skills for working within an office environment. Throughout the course, you will go through the journey of learning the fundamental administrative and office skills required to be successful while preparing to work in an administrative role.

Customer Service Skills Training Course

Are you looking for a role in the customer service industry? Whether your looking at working in retail, customer care or any kind of customer-facing role, delivering excellent customer service is a vital skill for anyone working within the sector

Step Into Employment

This course is for people who want to build their confidence and get back into the workplace. By the end of the sessions, you will have a plan of action & know the next steps you need to take to get back into work.

Level 2 Certificate in LGBT Inclusion In the Workplace

This course will cover topics such as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and trans history and culture and organisational policies and legislation affecting LGBT people in the workplace

This qualification is ideal for anyone interested in learning more about LGBT issues as well as employers/employees who want to create a safer and happier workplace for all.

Starting Your Own Business

This short course is suitable for anyone who is thinking about setting up a small new business or becoming self-employed.

Principles of Warehousing and Storage

This course gives attendees not only a qualification but will also develop the knowledge they need to work safely and responsibly within a warehouse or storage facility.

NHS Healthcare Support Roles Course

This course provides you with the knowledge and skills needed to secure work as a healthcare support worker (HCSW) in the NHS which will give you the chance to learn new skills and make a difference in the care patients get

Online / Home Study Courses

Food Safety in Catering - Level 2 Award

Designed to give an understanding of the principles of keeping food safe. Introduces the learner to key issues in food safety, taking responsibility for their own food safety, keeping work areas clean storing food correctly. Average 10 hours to complete.

Managing Personal Finance - Level 1 Award

Introduces the basic principles of personal finance, including balance, income, expenditure and understanding financial products. Average 10 hours to complete.

Employment, Business & Enterprise - Level 1 Award

Covers the importance of entrepreneurial skills within business & encourages learners to consider their own role in employment, business & enterprise. Average 10 hours to complete.

Personal Health & Wellbeing - Level 1 Award

Obtain the knowledge and skills enabling you to make balanced and informed choices about your life, both now and in the future, and to develop confidence in your own abilities.

Health & Safety - Level 1 Award

Gain an understanding of the basic principles of Health & Safety, hazards that can arise & some of the protection available against those hazards. Average 10 hours to complete.

Equality & Diversity - Level 1 Award

Understand the principles of Equality and Diversity and its importance in organisations such as the workplace and learning environments.

Understanding Safeguarding for Work, Education & Life - Level 1 Award

This qualification covers the different types of abuse and how to recognise them, possible safeguarding issues caused by modern technology, the meaning of discrimination and victimisation and the importance of disclosing safeguarding concerns to professionals.

Mental Health & Wellbeing - Level 1 Award

To help understand the terms ‘mental health’ and ‘well-being’ and the different types of conditions and the support available.

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