Parent Portal

The Parent Portal will allow you to get more information about your son/daughter's attendance, timetable, punctuality, exam entries and progress reports throughout the year.

Parent Portal User guide

The Parent Portal is our online student record system, which will allow you to get more information about your son or daughter's attendance, timetable, punctuality, exam entries and progress reports throughout the year.

You will need the Student ID number of your son or daughter; this is on their ID card or any personalised mailings they have received from us. You will also need the unique Parent Portal Reference No. which is printed at the top of the letter you will have received and can also be found by your daughter/son in the Other Details Section on their Contact Details page of their student portal.

Your username and password will be sent to you via email during the week of 22 September. If your daughter/son enrols after this date, you should get your user name and password within 5 working days of you registering. If you have any problems email

In exceptional circumstances, some students ask that the College has no contact with their parents or any third party. If this happens we will check their reasoning but will respect their legal right to confidentiality and will ask them to inform you that they have made this request. A few students also request this happens when they turn 18.

Careers Support

This guide for parents has been produced by the team behind National Careers Week. It provides you with the information needed to help your teenage children make the right choices to create successful futures after GCSE and sixth form. The guide is designed to inform, involve and guide parental support. It includes the most up to date information on topics such as apprenticeships, universities and revision techniques.


New College is committed to keeping the children and adults at risk in our care safe, by providing a safe environment for them to learn and work. We also help to identify children and adults who are suffering or likely to suffer significant harm, so that appropriate support and action can be taken to keep them safe both at home and in the College.

We work closely with Swindon Borough Council and Wiltshire Council as well as other relevant external agencies. Our work is guided by the government publications Keeping Children Safe in Education and Working Together to Safeguard Children, as well as the South West Child Protection Procedures.

Links to the government documents are below:

Useful websites for parents include:

Parents, you might also want to advise your child to install the free personal safety app. You can download the app and find out more information at Hollie Guard.