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Matilda is in her final year at New College Swindon, studying for A Levels in Music, English Language and Literature, Sociology and Philosophy and Ethics. Alongside her study programme, Matilda commits a large portion of her time to music.

The 109th annual Swindon Music Festival recently took place and Matilda bagged the top spot, winning the festival overall. She has been taking part in the festival since the age of seven and this year won trophies in six classes. Matilda won The Ray Howell Trophy for Oratorio, the Olive Love Trophy for opera of any period, the Audrey Hawkins Memorial Cup for 20th century British composer, the John Edwin Harwood Trophy for any voice, amateur or professional, the Janice Thompson Cup for German lieder/French chanson and the Free Church Council Challenge Cup for the senior vocal championship. On top of this she won the C S Macpherson Trophy for the supreme championship.

Matilda has been singing for as long as she can remember and has been training with Janice Thompson for fourteen years. The festival provides Matilda with a great opportunity to perform in front of an audience and develop her pieces.

She commented: “I am so deeply honoured to win the Supreme Championship, as this was my first year in the adult section. This year’s festival was enjoyable and friendly, as always. The adjudicator gave me promising and helpful feedback about how I could make a career out of my music-making.”

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