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Before breaking up for half term, GCSE students enjoyed an Employability Week, where they took part in various sessions, including CV writing and the ‘magnificent 7’ employability skills.  

The week was open to all GCSE English students and had a literary focus. The key aim for the week was to prepare Level 2 students for the world of work  

The students took away a variety of new skills at the end of the week, including the ability to produce the core elements of a strong CV and personal profile. They also came away with a list of tips for writing their own CV and were able to view a wide range of strong CV examples. A Question and Answer panel with employers such as Red Seven Marketing and Brunel attended, giving students the opportunity to ask questions about what the employers look for in a CV.

Rose Page, Assistant Curriculum Manager and English Lecturer commented: "I designed this session for our level 2 GCSE English students to tackle some of the pitfalls and common errors college students make on their CVs and help our learners to design a strong, polished personal profile. The sessions had an interactive focus - we were working in teams to 'interview' or 'reject' candidates, voting in polls on what makes a strong CV on online platforms and grilling employers in a Q and A panel! Feedback from our students has been excellent so far and we plan to run these sessions annually to support our students”.