New College Swindon Christmas Card Tree Fundraiser 

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Each year New College Swindon look for new ways to fundraise. This year, the college has been raising money for three charities - The Wiltshire Air ambulance, the local M S Therapy Centre and The Prospect Hospice.

This year, the college came up with the idea of raising money through a ‘Christmas card tree’. This was made of recycled card and was designed, cut and spray painted by Graphic and Product Design Course Leader, Dan Hazelton. The tree was decorated with pom poms made by Vikki Smith, Assistant to SMT, and staff were invited to purchase a recycled Christmas card from last year, so that they could write and hang a festive message on the tree. To date, £140.00 has been raised from the Christmas card tree alone. 

At the beginning of the year in January, the college donated £1500 to each of the 3 charities, from money that was raised throughout 2017. Charities are chosen by New College staff and are reviewed every year.

Bev Watts, Reprographics Technician, leads on social and fundraising at New College and with the help of staff, has raised thousands of pounds over the years. She said: “Raising money for charity has become part of our ethos at New College and is all made possible by the staff. As a college, we actively support a number of charities which are chosen by staff at the beginning of the academic year. This year, instead of sending cards to individuals within the college, staff were given the opportunity to buy a single card to put on our Christmas tree, in exchange for a donation towards these charities. The support for this has been amazing and our tree is full of lovely Christmas messages from our staff.”