New College Pre-16 Students Aim to Turn £5 into £50 with Fundraising Project

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Pre-16 students at New College have been working on a fundraising project, with a task of turning £5 into £50. All money raised will be donated to Younite Foundation, who aim to help disadvantaged children and young people.

Younite was founded by Fiona Simpson, who was previously a staff member at New College. The foundation works with two organisations in Kenya, Melon Mission and Silver Bells, they provide children with an education, two meals a day and a caring environment. Each year, a group team together and travel with Younite to the schools in Kenya. They offer help within the schools from teaching, to serving food to the young pupils.

Pre-16 students have been working in small teams and have 5 weeks to try and raise £50, only using the £5 they started with. One group are running a film night, students pay a small fee to vote for the film they wish to see on the movie evening. Another set of students have chosen to run a disco, as well as a tuck shop. The final group decided to put on a sponsored dance class.

Carla Hitch, Pre-16 Co-ordinator commented, “Every penny raised will go directly towards helping to improve the life of a child, we’re really proud of all students involved, it’s helping them become aware of how fortunate they are in comparison to those living in Kenya.”

The trip to Kenya has been running for six years and all money raised goes directly to a good cause. It allows the foundation to provide furniture, clothing, food and medicine to those in need. The money raised by New College Pre-16 students through the £5-£50 initiative will contribute towards the purchase of these items, which will help improve and change lives.

Please visit if you are interested in volunteering in Kenya 2018.