New College Celebrates World Mental Health Day

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New College celebrated World Mental Health Day yesterday, with a range of activities, displays and speeches. 

A display, put together by second year Health and Social Care students, took centre stage in the foyer. Various pieces of creative work were on display, exploring many different types of mental health, including schizophrenia, anxiety and depression. A first year student also wrote a poem about mental health.

Students wore green to support the day and created ribbons. A second display will be in the foyer for the rest of the week, put together by the community and the SBC Public Health Department. It was developed by young people in Swindon and promotes positive mental health. 

Learners attended the Mental Health Awareness seminar yesterday evening at the Wyvern Theatre and first year students participated in a mindfulness session. They also wrote messages of hope for strangers and tied ribbons to the local community centre fence. 

All tutorial groups attended a student-led talk, by first year leaner Lucas. He spoke to students about the different types of mental health and how it is becoming a subject that is discussed more in the media.

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