Former New College student aspires for future in Parliament

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George Ing studied Government & Politics at New College eleven years ago as his fourth A Level choice.

Since leaving, his passion for politics has grown, with high hopes for the future. He got back in touch with New College Government & Politics lecturer Sarah Bennett, to tell her how the course has helped him.

‘I initially chose politics as a “filler” in addition to History and Maths, but your passion for the subject really got me interested and I’ve been hooked ever since.

I’m sure you probably lose touch with many students after they leave, without knowing if you’ve made an impact, but I just wanted to say that you really, really have, in my case.’ 

George has since pursued a career in technology and business, but would like to follow his passion and try running for Parliament in the future. 

New College Government & Politics lecturer Sarah Bennett said: ‘It’s fantastic to hear from former students and find out what they’ve been up to. As a teacher, it’s lovely to know that you’ve helped make an impact on someone and their future career choice.’

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