Dance and Performing Arts Students Put on Final Show of the Year

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Last week, Dance and Performing Arts students teamed together for the annual Graduation Show. ‘This is It!’ is an opportunity for students showcase a variety of performances and dance styles.

Students from Level 2 to final year were involved in the show and have spent four months preparing for it. The production is chance for all to group together and showcase what they have been working on for the past few months.

There are many elements of the show, which students needed to consider, from choreographing the performances, to costume design and prop making. It’s also an opportunity for students to get used to the unpredictable nature of a show and having to adapt to last minute changes.

Dance Course Leader Alisa Holt said: “Over the past four months, students have worked so hard to research and learn new styles of dance. They’ve put this into practice, but the show isn’t just about learning the choreography. It’s about performance techniques, professionalism and musicality. The students have worked so hard, it was a spectacular show.”     

The show prepares students for life and the world of performance after college. Dance and Performing Arts students have a variety of plans after they finish their studies, from auditioning for touring shows and cruise ships, to dance schools and university courses.

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