Year 8 students take part in various exciting activities for STEM day 2017

Posted on June 20, 2017

On the 7th of June, students from Highworth Warneford School took part in New College’s STEM (Science, technology, engineering, maths) day. They were given various talks on an array of interesting subjects such as nanotechnology and DNA as well as being involved in interactive demonstrations to allow them to gets ‘hands on’ with the subjects.

The students were wowed by the team from ‘Medical Mavericks’ as they were shown a picture of the inside of their eye ball; educated in human biology when they were shown how to take blood from a fake arm and fascinated by the ultrasound of their own heart! The company say that they hope the experience will help to introduce dozens of careers in the NHS and ''inspire students to make more informed decisions about their career and lifestyle choices''.

 ‘Jonathan’s Jungle Roadshow’ was also a big hit with the children. Jonathan has worked with the BBC on many occasions. He has appeared on various TV shows including; WILD and worked with famous people such as; Scott Mills and Steve Backshall. They were captivated by the eccentric former New College student Jonathan and his hands on interactive talk which involved scorpions, a very cute gecko, a giant stick insect and a snake! He explained the biology of the animals and gave many interesting facts, allowing the children to explore their curiosities by asking questions about the animals.

The students took home bags filled with goodies from their day including a necklace which they made themselves containing their own DNA!

Hopefully the experience will prove valuable in inspiring the students who are interested, to explore their options of a career in one of the STEM subjects.

All in all, a very successful, exciting and educational day!