New College students visit Holocaust Exhibition at the Imperial War Museum

Posted on March 13, 2017

We're continuing our look at students undertaking learning activities centred around the Holocaust.  Recently, students visited the Holocaust Exhibition at the Imperial War Museum in London.

This award-winning permanent exhibition traces the rise of Hitler in Germany and the persecution of the Jewish people living in Europe between 1933 and 1945. Around 30 students visited the Museum during the February Half-Term.

One of our A Level History students, Chloe Brown, explains how she felt viewing the Exhibition.

“At the Exhibition I learned about the scale of the Holocaust. It was very moving and seeing the possessions which were left in the camp affected me the most; particularly a child’s porcelain doll with a broken and dirty face. It really made me think of how brutal and dehumanising it was.  I listened to recordings made of Holocaust survivors which showcased the horror they had experienced and their bravery.”

The students at the Exhibition learnt about the scale of the Holocaust and how some nations turned a blind eye to what was happening.  Chloe continues; “I wanted to understand how something as evil as the Holocaust could be allowed to happen. The amount of people who were involved or knew about it and did nothing to stop it made me feel almost ashamed of the human race. I feel a sense of duty to find out about such a huge event in history.”

New College has future activities also planned which we will also cover.

 In March we will welcome a special visitor to speak to students whose family was in Poland during the Holocaust and in April students will learn more about the Holocaust by visiting Warsaw to see the sites of death and concentration camps and ghetto areas where the Jews lived.