How to Access Your Timetable

For daytime 16-18 students:

Please find information on ways to access your timetable for academic year 2018/19 here

Start of term FAQ’s for New Students

  • If you are a new student at New College you will have been invited into an Induction slot on either Monday 3rd or Tuesday 4th September
  • You should have received a text message reminding you of your induction date and time.  In some cases this date and time may have changed so please come into this amended induction slot.
  • If you have not received a text message, please refer back to your letter inviting you into enrol
  • "I didn’t receive a text message or a letter" – please email
  • At Induction, you will be given your timetable and given an induction to College.


Start of term FAQ’s for Continuing Students

  • You will receive a text message over the weekend, informing you when your timetable is ready
  • You can access your timetable online – following the instructions here
  • If you have any problems with accessing your timetable or there are any errors on your timetable you can do the following:
  • Email with details of your issue.  Please include your name, student ID, and details of the problem you have found.  We will get back to you via the contact details we have for you on our systems.  Emails will not be monitored over the weekend.
  • If you haven’t already received your ID card, this will be given to you during your tutorial session in your first week of College