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AQA Baccalaureate (Level 3)


Stand out from the crowd with the AQA Bacc!  This qualification recognises your ‘all-round achievements’. It’s a recognition of what you have achieved, rather than any additional learning.  It combines:


  • Academic Study - 3 A Level subjects (your main subject choices)
  • Broader Study   - One AS level, A level or Level 3 Core Maths qualification, provided this differs from your main programme of study.
  • Enrichment Activities - may include work-related learning, community participation, or taking part in various clubs and societies as part of personal development
  • Level 3 Extended Project- independent study: see InfoSheet NC826


Course Summary


AQA Baccalaureate is an additional qualification, not a replacement for your A Levels.




Your A Levels carry grades and UCAS points in their own right, but the Baccalaureate award covers a much wider achievement, so it will really help you stand out from other candidates when you are applying for university or employment.  It can lead to a reduced offer from top universities. By combining core A-level subjects with wider learning and enrichment activities, the AQA Bacc enables students to display necessary personal skills and academic abilities.


Entry requirements


You must have at least 6 GCSEs at grade A/7 or above, including English and Maths. You must also be enrolled on a programme of 4 AS Levels.

You must be able to undertake the necessary amount of enrichment required for the Baccalaureate. Some of this will be available in college, or with college support.


*Please note that these entry grade requirements may be different to those published in the 2019 prospectus.  Grade requirements as detailed here and on the website should always be used as the most accurate and up-to-date ones.


Course content


  • Academic Study

You must take at least three full A Levels and achieve a grade E pass in each of them.  These can be taken with any exam board – you have over 60 subjects to choose from at New College!


  • Extended Project

Equivalent to half an A Level, graded on an A*-E scale; this gives you half the equivalent A Level UCAS points.


  • Broader Study

You can take any AS level, A level or Level 3 Core Maths qualification, provided this differs from your main programme of study. 


  • Enrichment

You cover a range of activities involving at least 100 hours, over one or two years.  These activities are in addition to the compulsory elements of your AS/A Levels.



You must include at least two of the core areas listed below, with a minimum of 30 hours spent on any area you include:


  • Work-related learning

(eg work experience, paid employment, work shadowing)

  • Community participation

(eg voluntary service/community support: in schools, hospitals, residential homes, sports centres, Millennium Volunteer Award, St John’s Ambulance, charities, Guides, Scouts, mentoring…)

  • Personal development activities

(eg Sport, Music, First Aid, Duke of Edinburgh Award, Drama, Sign Language, Foreign Language Skills…

– these could be College eXtras)

Examples of Enrichment profiles:


How much time you spend on activities in each area will vary.  Examples are shown below:




Student 1


Core Area

Number of Hours

Improvers’ Spanish

Personal Development


Work Experience

Work-related learning


Voluntary Service in a local hospital

Community participation







Student 2

Paid Employment

Work-related learning


First Aid Course

Personal Development


Sport – varied activities

Personal Development










Work Experience


This course does not contain a specific work experience component, but has other activities to help you develop employability skills.  If you would like to undertake a work placement alongside your studies our Employability Team can help.


Timings and Assessments


To gain the AQA Bacc, you have to:


  • pass three full A Levels (A2s)
  • pass an additional AS level, A level or Level 3 Core Maths qualification.
  • complete the Enrichment requirements
  • complete a Level 3 Extended Project (‘Independent Learning’).


The final level of your Baccalaureate will be graded Pass, Merit or Distinction, depending upon your A Level and Extended Project grades.


This course will normally be around 18 hours per week.  You also will need time for Enrichment activities, and the Extended Project.


Costs and Resources


This course is free to students aged 16-18 years.



For more information about the AQA Bacc, please contact:

Contance Roach, Baccalaureate Coordinator – contance.roach@newcollege.ac.uk

For general enquiries, please contact enrolment@newcollege.ac.uk

  • Course Code: NC820
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