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Access to Higher Education Diploma - Criminology

Designed especially for mature students who have had a break from their studies (of 1 year or more), an Access to Higher Education Diploma will enable you to bridge the gap between your current qualifications and a degree-level course or develop the skills and knowledge for a new career. 


This diploma could link to careers in the Police and other areas of The Criminal Justice System, Counselling, Teaching, Social Work and management roles. Entry Requirements Aged 19 or over Had at least a one year break from education Either GCSE Maths or GCSE English Language at grades A*-C (or grade 9-4) 

Course Content 

This Access Diploma = 60 credits (45 graded and 15 ungraded). You will choose 3 of the below subjects. Level 3 academic graded subjects Psychology and Crime Within psychology you will study an introductory (ungraded unit), psychology and therapy, social psychology and criminological psychology. 

Sociology and Crime 

Within sociology you will also study an introductory (ungraded unit), sociology of the mass media and conduct a social enquiry (investigation). 

Science and Crime 

Within science you will study six units (all graded) including chemistry for biology, biomolecules, cells, genes, forensic biology and physics and forensic chemistry.

Mandatory ungraded subjects 

Study Skills & Basic IT 

All students must attend a Study Skills class for one hour a week; this is normally followed by your Tutor Hour and you will have the same tutor for both. Basic IT will allow you to update your computer skills while adding credit towards the Access Diploma. 

All units in this section are compulsory. Timings Monday 9am-2.30pm Plus two or three other days depending on subject choices (Usually finish before 2pm) 

Costs and Resources 

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Click here for more information or to apply for the Advanced Learner Loan. Contact information: Email: alison.boam@newcollege.ac.uk Phone: 01793 732826

Further Information: 

How to apply 

 1. Complete an application form Apply online 

2. Apply by Post Return postal form to: Alison Boam New College Swindon New College Drive Swindon Wilts SN3 1AH 

 3. Hand in an application form at the New College reception Hard copies of the application form can be downloaded here, picked up from the New College reception or you can request a form using the contact details below.

  • Start Date: 09/09/2019
  • Day and Time: Email: access@newcollege.ac.uk
  • Venue: QD
  • Fee: £3,200
  • Course Code: DAC550F
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