Get Involved

New College has a Student Executive and a M.A.D. (Make a Difference) Volunteering Group. All New College students are automatically able to join and this does not involve any fee.

Taking part in the NCEXEC and the M.A.D. group can help students to:

  • Develop their confidence
  • Become good team workers
  • Develop their leadership skills
  • Communicate well
  • Be good role models
  • Have a strong sense of loyalty and commitment
  • Be enterprising and to show initiative
  • Be flexible and open minded

Your NCExec

NAME                              ROLE/RESPONSIBILITY

Zoe Chapman                 Head Rep, Head of Charities & Events & Student Governor Rep
Niaz Livani                      Head of Fundraising
Kieran Webb                   Sports & Society Rep & Student Governor Rep
Beth Taylor                     Creative Activities Rep
Marie Barut                     Fundraising & Social Enterprise & Rep & Student Governor Rep
Emma Matthews              Charities & Events Rep
Ismail Usman                  Employability Rep
Gus Gardner                   Fundraising & Social Enterprise Rep
Meghan Franklin              Equality & Diversity Rep
Sophie Rawlings             Theme Weeks
Toni Childs                     Pre 16 Student Rep
Sam Vaughan                 H.E. Student Rep
Kim Lopes                      Student Rep

“Being part of NCExec is a fantastic opportunity. It really allows you to put your skills to the test. Whether you are great at organising events or helping with enrichment activities Ncexec is the role for you. You have the opportunities to help with the Make A Difference (M.A.D.) volunteering team as well as getting your voice heard at many student voice events. If you have what it takes to engage students in fun activities or help shape the future of the college by listening to student views then joining the exec will help you further advance your CV and is look favourably upon employers.” 
- Gus Gardner, Fundraising & Social Enterprise Rep

"Taking charge because it matters, for all of us" 
- Ish Usman, Employability Rep

"Taking part in charity events has taught me how to work well with others. Being new college executive has helped me get more involved with activities at the college and it is rewarding knowing i am helping others” 
- Kim Lopes, Student Rep

Want to become a member of the NCExec - How to apply

Send an email to: providing information on:

Your name and student number: 
Personal Tutor:
Email Address: 
Mobile Number:
Answer the following questions:

  1. Why do you want to become a member of the NC Executive?
  2. What are your main strengths, skills and qualities? 
  3. What are your hobbies and interests?
  4. What areas of the NCExecutive are you particularly interested in? 

Raising and giving money

Our students are very proactive - raising money for charity events such as Children in Need, Comic Relief and Sport Relief or at any time during the year.   The College’s official charity is Prospect Hospice and students also raise money for the Kenya Project.  For the last five years, students have volunteered every July to go on a trip to Kenya to undertake community work with local children and their schools. 

A packed social life

The Student Executive also run social events for students to enjoy and take part in.  Recent initiatives have included fun days, an All About You event and New College has talent.

Learn during themed weeks

These run throughout the year, giving you the opportunity to access information, advice and guidance about a range of initiatives and life skills from internal and external organisations.

External speakers and visitors

Your teaching and learning will be enhanced by visits from a wide range of external speakers and employers. Many visits are from relevant employers, universities, former students and other organisations.   Recent visits have included:

  • Authors and artists for our first festivals Litfest, and Artfest; 
  • A former student and NNC news journalist to gather student views on the EU referendum owners of dance companies 
  • University of reading Classics department 
  • An ambassador from the Geography Association 
  • GCSE chief examiner in Psychology 
  • Civil engineers and students to discuss engineering and geotechnics careers
  • 50+ universities and employers for a Higher Education and Careers Fair

Go places…

Teaching is not always done in classrooms or labs!  Students have undertaken recent trips to Florence (Art); Disneyland Paris (Business and Travel & Tourism); Sweden (Early Years); Iceland (Geography); Brittany (Languages); New York (Dance); Morocco (Photography)