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You may have heard of MenC and MenB as causes of meningitis and septicaemia - now there's an increase in MenW infection as well.  A particularly aggressive strain of MenW is at large and students aged between 13-18 years are at high risk.

Many students will have received a MenC vaccination when they were younger but this does not provide protection against MenW.  This new vaccine MenACWY helps to protect against 4 meningococcal groups (A,C, W and Y).

We advise all students to arrange a vaccination at their GP practice to ensure that they are fully protected.  Please note that these vaccinations are not being provided at New College itself.

The ‘Partnership of Support’

We want all of our students to enjoy their time at New College and to be successful in their chosen courses. The College’s adult atmosphere is a result of fostering responsibility in our students and we believe that a positive partnership between students, staff, and parents/carers is key to their success.

Communication between students, tutors and yourselves is vital.  Tutors will always try to sort out problems with their students themselves but they will contact you if punctuality, absences, behaviour or late work become a serious issue. Tutors welcome contact from you if you have any concerns.

Login to: Parent Portal

Note: The Parent Portal will be available from 29th September 2016.   If you have already registered in 15/16, you will receive an automatic email alert.  Parents of new students can register for an account beforehand by registering for the parent portal.


The Parent Portal is our online student record system, which will allow you to get more information about your daughter’s or son’s attendance, timetable, punctuality, exam entries and progress reports throughout the year.  An information leaflet can be found on our online Parent  Zone section of the New College website.

You will need the Student ID number of your daughter or son; this is on their ID card or any personalised mailings they have received from us.  You will also need the unique Parent Portal Reference No. which is printed at the top of the enclosed letter and can also be found by your daughter/son in the Other Details Section on their Contact Details page of their student portal. 

Your username and password will be sent to you via email during the week of 22 September.  If your daughter/son enrols after this date, you should get your user name and password within 5 working days of you registering.  If you have any problems contact Tracy Porter via email .

In exceptional circumstances, some students ask that the College has no contact with their parents or any third party.  If this happens we will check their reasoning but will respect their legal right to confidentiality and will ask them to inform you that they have made this request.  A few students also request this happens when they turn 18.

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