Health and Well-being


You may have heard of MenC and MenB as causes of meningitis and septicaemia - now there's an increase in MenW infection as well.  A particularly aggressive strain of MenW is at large and students aged between 13-18 years are at high risk.

Many students will have received a MenC vaccination when they were younger but this does not provide protection against MenW.  This new vaccine MenACWY helps to protect against 4 meningococcal groups (A,C, W and Y).

We advise all students to arrange a vaccination at their GP practice to ensure that they are fully protected.  Please note that these vaccinations are not being provided at New College itself.

Here at New College we recognise that we have a responsibility to ensure a safe and healthy environment.  We are committed to providing and promoting health and well-being within the college and have been awarded the national ‘Healthy College’ status.

Our aim is for students to have the knowledge, understanding and tools to enable them to make informed choices about their health and well-being.

The College has two qualified nurses who are able to provide general health advice, first-aid, help and support with medical conditions, and where considered appropriate, referral to specialist support services.   We are also assisted by weekly visits by an outreach nurse.  Other members of staff are trained to provide first aid.

The nurses are available Monday-Friday for appointments, or drop-in sessions between 12.00-13.30 hrs.  They are based in BG32.

We also have two Additional (Learning) Support; Student Mentors based in BG27 - the Wellbeing Room.

They provide:

  • 1:1 meeting to provide support and to discuss any concerns you may have.
  • Drop in sessions when needed in times of worry.
  • We provide recommendations to teaching staff to support any differences you may have in the classroom.
  • A quiet space to come to, if you are finding things overwhelming.
  • Signposting for you to internal support and external agencies.

This service is by referral only.