Choosing College over 6th form

If you have started your sixth form and it's not going great, then we still have places available!

If you've realised....

 - You want to do a course that they no longer offer

 - It's just like being in Key Stage 4 and you want some more independence and responsibility

 - A Levels aren't for you - and you want to do other  vocational courses, even an Apprenticeship

 - It's just not the right "fit" for you

then you can apply now!   We've helped hundreds of students over the years who have been in your position.

What you need to do....

1.  Have a look at our online prospectus here to see what you might want to do.

2.  Complete and submit an application form here to us.

3.  We will call you back as soon as possible to arrange a time next week (w/c 4th Sept) for you to come in remember that we are not open at weekends).

4. Come in to your appointment with a copy of your passport and any results slips from qualifications gained this summer.

5. Please ensure you keep your appointment time! We are very busy and if you miss it, you could be preventing someone else from having an interview.

Any issues or queries, please contact our School Liaison team on 01793 611470 or email  If in doubt, please come in but do be prepared to wait as this is a very busy time for us.